Friday, 8 August 2008

6693 - Refuse Collection Truck

This is a model we never had as kids. Either it was released after we stopped playing or we didn't have any garbage in our Lego town... ;)

I build it from instructions at peeron and the recycle logo I made recently with Inkscape from a real brick with the logo that I got recently with all of Sofie's old Lego.

All that is needed is adding the little men... but that means doing more stickers again... maybe one day.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

6657 - Fire Patrol Copter

And here is the latest finished render. Again I think we had two of these. I think it is quite a nice little set and one of the first where I played with Illustrator to make the stickers, now I use Inkscape to make them and hopefully I can show you some results soon of that.

Anyway... enough talk here it comes:

And just to mention it, the hose was made with Chris Colefax's spline macro which you can find here. A very good tool, although one might be able to make it with native POV splines now... I haven't tried that (yet).

ps. I am not quite sure why I made two guys here... the set only comes with one I think.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

6681 - Police Van

And here is a picture I started working on last century ;)

I know that is a long time ago... But here it is:

I somehow seem to think that of this one we had two as well as kids... again one for my brother and one for me. Seems to be a way to keep children happy I guess.

Monday, 9 June 2008

6685 - Fire Copter 1

Essential to a succesful blog are of course regular updates.... So here is a new one: 6685. We had two of these as kids, I guess both my brother and I had one. I really like the way the canoy opens and the fact that it is a full glass one of course.

Friday, 30 May 2008

6697 - Rescue Helicopter

I remember that my grand mother bought this set for me in Cologne while we were traveling to Koblenz. Fantastic set and I love it. All it needs is a little rope for the guy.

first post

And I start another blog.... yes why not... the more the merrier... This one is for putting my Lego Povray pics online... I started doing some more with them recently and it is so much easier these days to put things on the web again I t thought why not.

First of all a disclaimer: The pics posrted here are created by me with POVray and I use Anton's library, but the models are designed by the Lego group.

And now of course for some picture!!!

This is the 1525 lorry and this one is rendered with Depth of field.