Tuesday, 8 July 2008

6657 - Fire Patrol Copter

And here is the latest finished render. Again I think we had two of these. I think it is quite a nice little set and one of the first where I played with Illustrator to make the stickers, now I use Inkscape to make them and hopefully I can show you some results soon of that.

Anyway... enough talk here it comes:

And just to mention it, the hose was made with Chris Colefax's spline macro which you can find here. A very good tool, although one might be able to make it with native POV splines now... I haven't tried that (yet).

ps. I am not quite sure why I made two guys here... the set only comes with one I think.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

6681 - Police Van

And here is a picture I started working on last century ;)

I know that is a long time ago... But here it is:

I somehow seem to think that of this one we had two as well as kids... again one for my brother and one for me. Seems to be a way to keep children happy I guess.